Simultaneous translation requires using technical material. If you wish so, we can advise you on your event’s technical requirements and contact a technical services provider to supply, install and oversee all the necessary material.


Simultaneous translation in congresses and other events with a high number of participants requires installing sound-proof interpreting booths and a complete sound system: a PA system, a sound table, interpreting consoles, microphones and headphone sets. A sound technician will be on site to install the booths and oversee all the sound material.

Equipo de traducción simultánea en Madrid

Infoport Equipment (portable system)

Equipo de traducción simultánea

Through special headphone sets, participants in a meeting are able to communicate with no need to install booths. It is suitable for meetings with a small number of participants, such a training courses, business meetings, small press conferences, and other small events. The upside is that obtaining a nice flow of conversation becomes easier, as participants do not necessarily need to use a microphone when they speak.